1. Maka me happy. 

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  2. Motopony // Diamonds

    #DoeBay Countdown: 25 days

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  3. The Tallest Man On Earth // Love Is All

    @newportfolkfest countdown: 9 days

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  4. But Wilco & Billy do it best.

    Wilco & Billy Brag // Way Down Yonder in a Minor Key


  5. Cover of one of my favorite folk songs of all time.

    Joel Rafael // Way Down Yonder in a Minor Key

    #newportfolkfest countdown: 10 days

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  6. Gonna stand out from the #DoeBay crowd.

    THEEsatisfaction // QueenS

    #DoeBay Countdown: 26 days


  7. Can’t wait to see Merrill et al live again

    Tune-Yards // Fiya

    @Newportfolkfest countdown: 11 Days

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  8. For comparisons sake —- the original goodness

    The Pixies // Where is My Mind


  9. Two folking great covers of one damn good song

    Bobby Bare Jr. // Where is My Mind (Pixies Cover)

    #DoeBay Countdown: 26 days

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  10. #newportfolkfest countdown: days

    Two folking great covers of one damn good song

    Trampled By Turtles // Where Is My Mind (Pixies Cover)

    @newportfolkfest countdown: 12 days

  11. Portland Cell Project // Denmark  (Live on KEXP)

    #DoeBay Countdown: 27 Days 

  12. Brown Bird back at Newport for round 2

    Brown Bird // Bilgewater

    @Newportfolkfest countdown: 16 Days

  13. Favorite Doe Bay discovery so far

    [ Radiation City // Babies ]

    #DoeBay Countdown: 30 Days 


  14. Sun Airway // Oh Naoko

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  15. Sara Watkins’ guest appearance @newportfolkfest 2011 was pretty amazing. Glad to see she’s back this year.

    Sarah Watkins // Long Hot Summer Day

    Newport Folk Fest countdown: 17 Days