1. leeiro:

    Sepalcure - Eternally Yrs

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  2. @CoalitionEvents & @PaxicoRecords featured in this great post from @becomeyourdrum!

    Thanks to @agentry4 and @catherinetrieu for the great coverage / hyping Coalition of the Illin’ V.4 - Tomorrow night @freethecandy!


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  4. Grimes // Genesis

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  5. Steve Winwood cover? Heck yes!

    James Vincent // McMorrow

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  6. This video…. is magic.

    Connan Mockasin // Faking Jazz Together


  7. Almost too chill.

    Holy Other // Tense Past

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  8. We are go. 

    RT coalitionevents:

    Coalition of the Illin V.4 at @FreeTheCandy

    November 3, 2012


  9. The album art frightens me but the sounds speak to me. Also, ten points for bizare artist/album naming.

    Faking Jazz Together // Conan Mockasin (from Forever Dophin Love)

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  10. 2 tickets. Webster Hall. January 11th. What do you think @avabastian?


    this. Danny Brown and Purity Ring. Need I say more?

    #Belispeak II


  11. [Matthew Dear // Her Fantasy]

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  12. That’s better—- One more time.

    [Jeans Wilder // International Waters]

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  13. Goin on with your bad self CP.

    Cat Power// New York

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  14. Cat Power // Manhattan

    Apparently I live in Manhattan now. This happens to coincide perfectly with the release of Cat Power’s latest album (Sun) and—-more importantly—- the aptly named track “Manhattan”. I’m pretty certain this was intentional because people who live in Manhattan are kind of a big deal and I’m no exception. Thanks Cat Power!

    *Tanx to my sister-friend for sending along this newness.

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  15. Finally—- ! Shrines from @purity_ring is out today

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