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Two folking great covers of one damn good song

Bobby Bare Jr. // Where is My Mind (Pixies Cover)

#DoeBay Countdown: 26 days

Portland Cell Project // Denmark  (Live on KEXP)

#DoeBay Countdown: 27 Days 

Favorite Doe Bay discovery so far

[ Radiation City // Babies ]

#DoeBay Countdown: 30 Days 

Ivan and Alyosha // I was born to love her 

#DoeBay Countdown: 31 Days

Gold Leaves // The Silver Lining

#DoeBay Countdown: 32 Days

Poor Moon // Illusion 

Long-distance collaboration between Fleet Foxes and Crystal Skulls players? Yes.

#DoeBay Countdown: 33 Days

Blitzen Trapper // The Way You Walk Away

#DoeBay Countdown: Day 33

For #DoeBay today 

The Cave Singers // Haller Lake

(Those guys were sporting mad brillo-beards at #newportfolk fest 2011.)

Let the countdown(s) begin. 

Newport Folk Festival: 22 days

Doe Bay Fest: 35 days